Boston Light Band consists of Andreas Potgieter on guitar & lead vocals, and Simon Orrey on drums & back-up vocals. The two are renowned for their high energy performances, jamming beats, catchy songs and party attitude!

Bruce Muguti, Sgt.Pepper - Long Street

Hey, what an amazing performance!

Boston Light Band pulled in at Sgt Pepper, 194 Long Street.

Don’t have much to say other than to say that you are the way forward, keep up the good performance, you are the future… Boston Light Band, YOU ROCK! Stay blessed, you are the next level!”

Regards, Bruce

Greg Verco, Quay Four - V&A Waterfront

“The “Boston Light” experience is one of electricity, creativity and originality.

The industry is always looking for that new sound & flavour . . . and you are IT!

Your newly released cut, “Move Your” feet . . .  I’m convinced . . .  to be a HIT – good luck !

The Quay Four group wish you all the success & look forward to having Boston Light appear live on the Quay Four S.A. Band Stand – supporting Original Local Music.

We will be following you . . . All the best,”

Warm Regards, Greg



Cape Town, South Africa

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